Sunday Workout Rules

Open Workout is a chance for students to come and practice their skills on the apparatus under supervision of an instructor. Students can only practice skills they can perform unaided, the supervising instructor will ensure they are performed safely but may not spot or give lessons to individual students. Registered Shrewsbury Gymnastics students only are allowed at Open Workout.

Summer Notice

You do not have to be enrolled in Summer classes to be eligible to attend Open Workout, as insurance coverage lasts all year long. So take advantage of it!

Additional Rules

Students that fail to follow the rules will sit out or be sent home, for the safety of the other students

Site Information

Sunday Workouts are held every Sunday at Shrewsbury Gymnastics for enrolled students. Because in the past some workouts have had to be cancelled on short notice, this website was created for gym members to check up on the status of Open Workout prior to leaving their homes or to plan attendance in advance. This site will only show the status of the next Open Workout - for information on Open Workouts later than the coming weekend use the contact information on the main page to get in touch with Coach Drew.

The status of the upcoming Open Workout will be listed as one of the following:

Please make sure to also double-check the hours & charge listed for Open Workout, as these can sometimes change for Summer classes and Regular-Season classes.

The name of the coach running Open Workout is given for your convenience to know who will be in charge.

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